Getting a job in college…

While internships are stressed and over-stressed in their importance in college, I think a job should be your first concern.

Party it up, live your freshman year to the fullest. Go out, have fun, but also learn how to study and buckle down. Then, nearing the end of your freshman year or the beginning of your sophomore year, find a small on campus job. I’m not talking a 40 hour-a-week office position, I mean something easy and fun.

Make coffee at a coffeehouse, work at your student union, shelf books in your library, do whatever floats your boat or whatever is available… but do something!

An on-campus job is the perfect way to learn how to budget your time, and a great way to branch out and meet new people.  Holding a steady on-campus job also helps to find your first internship. So get out there and start looking, people are looking for part-time college students EVERYWHERE.

I have been employed at the Ohio Union at the Ohio State University a little over a year now, and it was the best decision I’ve made thus far in college. I have met a ton on wonderful students who are just like me, and I have met even more professional staff employees who truly want to see me succeed in everything I do.

Getting a part-time job my 2nd-year really made me a better person, and I suggest you at least try one before you knock getting a job in college.

Until next time…


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