This quart semester, I will never get used to that, I am going to go insane (and no I am not overexaggerating). I am taking eight classes, still maintaining my internship and working on the Executive Board for PRSSA. So, I asked my friends and family for advice.

How do I stay sane and on top of all my schoolwork without feeling burnt out by December?

My lovely friend Shannon, who I met during my first year at Ohio State, told me to make an excel spreadsheet of my life (here is her’s), and I did just that! Here is my nifty, little, action-packed schedule:

This spreadsheet has become my lifeline, on top of my handy-dandy planner. Now I’m sure you’re thinking something along the lines of:

“That’s only 7 classes, have you already lost your mind?” – No, an additional class is online.

“Why are you taking so many classes?” – I was to graduate in four years, and my friends I am telling you right now – BUCKLE DOWN YOUR FIRST YEARS, OR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THIS LEVEL OF HELL!

Anyway, we are two weeks into the semester and I haven’t lost my head yet… or have I?

I do look a little worse for the wear, but I think I will come out alive.

If I make it, until next time…


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