Am I engaging in the real world anymore?

The other day I had a question, I mean every second of everyday I have a question – I just don’t usually ask them out loud or to anyone in particular.  Instead, I engage in an activity that most people are becoming dependent upon.

I asked Twitter.

I asked my 250 or so followers where to get a cheap flu shot. I did not Google. I did not phone a friend. I didn’t even turn around and ask a real, living person my question. I asked the internet. THE INTERNET.

This poses two questions:

  1. Is Twitter as reliable as a search engine search (E.g., Google or Bing)? It was, I got two responses within three minutes and they were from my friends – not a machine.
  2. Did I ask my followers because I consider them equal to my real world friends? I believe that the answer to this is yes.  A lot of my friends are on Twitter, and those that I haven’t met I interact with often enough that I consider them friends.

However, here is the problem. Have I become the type of person who ignores real world friends, in order to forge online “eFriendships”?  I’m trying to maintain a balance, but in today’s digital age, it’s easier for me to tweet or Facebook a friend rather than meet up with them, so how do I salvage the real world friendships while simultaneously building my online brand image?

Should I start one of those challenges to do without social media and all devices one day a week? Should I? Could you do that?

By the way – I’m going to CVS for my flu shot in case you we’re wondering, they have a $15 coupon for students.

Until next time…


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  1. Jeff says:

    You’ve hit on an issue that many full time professionals (“adults” even) also face. I engage with more people more regularly on line for sure.
    The upside for me is that I can keep in regular touch with fiends and family who don’t all live close by, including friends from high school and undergrad. I realize this is more of an issue for me than it is for you right now. This will change. 🙂
    The challenge is to find ways or reasons to engage face to face, even if you create that opportunity online first.
    I suspect there may be a minor rebellion in online contact sometime soon, and face to face interactions will regain their importance and prominence in our lives.

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