How Firm Thy Friendship

This weekend at Ohio State was the 100th Homecoming, and emotions were high.  It was a beautiful weekend filled with laughs, football and friends – it was perfect.  In moments where I have a lot of feelings and thought, I am reminded of  the song ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing,’ and let me tell you a secret – Aerosmith was on to something.

“I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep. Yeah, I don’t wanna miss a thing.”

This weekend, I was completely aware that it was my final year here at Ohio State and I wanted to soak it all up.  I went to the Homecoming Parade (an event I never attended) and I went to the Skull Session (once again, an event I had never previously attended), both events led up to the football game and they were completely memorable and continue to shape my memories at OSU.  However, the highlight of Saturday was not the football game (where we crushed those Corn Huskers), nor was it the most amazing halftime show I have ever seen performed by The Best Damn Band In The Land; instead, it was the moment during Carmen Ohio when I realized it had happened.

I had made those life long friendships that everyone talks about when they look back on these years.  I was sitting there, arm in arm with my best friend singing, “Time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship,” and I didn’t just sing the words, I whole-heartedly meant them.

College is a trying time, we all have good days and bad days, but the people we love will always be there.  A friend is someone who lifts you when you fall, but is also there to bring you back to earth when your ego gets high.  These four years are the most important years of our lives and I am glad I got to spend them with Buckeyes.


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  1. Morgan says:

    Being a Buckeye is a truly unique experience! I wouldn’t change any part of it for the world. I think senior year brings out the sentiment in us all. I find myself getting emotional over the silliest things, knowing that it will be the last time I experience them as a student!

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