VanderMolen, Passion and Power

Alan VanderMolen, vice chairman, DJE Holdings; president and chief executive officer, global practices, Edelman, spoke at an Ohio State University Public Relations Student Society of America at their fall event.

Until VanderMolen spoke to this group of students and professionals, I had not really heard about Edelman, so I was really excited to hear from someone so involved with the company.

VanderMolen’s entire speech was called “5 Reasons I Love Going to Work Everyday.”  He discussed how PR is becoming an advisory function, the emergence of purpose as a corporate strategy, the revolution in media, how PR is moving to the center of the plate in the marketing mix and finally how he gets to make fun of the poor guy across the hall who is a Michigan alum.  However, to me, it wasn’t these reasons that made me want to get into the work force.  It was the passion in VanderMolen’s speech.

From the moment he started talking, I knew that he loved his job, every aspect of it, and I can’t wait to love my future job the same way.  When someone can joke around in the office and have a good time while still accomplishing all their tasks – it is a great work environment, and Edelman seems like a great place to work.  I cannot wait to join a PR workplace and join in on all the fun our degree offers.


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  1. Paige's Perspective says:

    I loved hearing Alan VanderMolen’s expertise on the always changing PR world. I completely agree with his fundamental ideas of PR and how they evolve over time to adapt to today’s society. I thought he was spot-on when he explained that evolution of “us” finding news and now news has to find “us”. It just proves how we control media and the way PR practices have to continuing adapt to the changing world.

    -I still love your blog layout!!

  2. I was also present at his speech and I loved it just as much! It was so interesting to hear him explain the “5 reasons,” but I also agree with what you said about passion. You could tell he’s passionate about his job and it’s inspiring for us to find a job that we’re going just as much after graduation.

  3. thenewbrand says:

    Cool, I also saw VanderMolen talk and blogged about it. It was an awesome talk but it’s interesting to see what different people took away from it.

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