Juggling Too Much

I feel like our generation is never content, I have to be doing 18,000 things at once in order to feel like I am accomplishing anything, and then because of my intense need to overextend myself, all aspects are lacking.  Why does our generation feel like we need to be constantly connected to people, items, the Internet, when in reality if we take a few minutes and devote ourselves to the now, the present, everything will be all right.

I have the inability to say no, sometimes this is great (like to ideas, I love saying yes to my ideas, my friends ideas, all ideas – our world excels when we feed off of each other) and sometimes this is terrible (like my inability to say no when people say, “can you do me a small favor…?” can you do me a small favor always ends in me adding something else to my plate that I don’t have time for).  I feel like I am being lazy if I don’t have something on my plate, the back burner, on the horizon and something else that I need to juggle into the mix, and this is not right.

I am taking a stand, just because I can multitask 18,000 things, does not mean I should.  I am going to attempt to say no to things that I can, in order to lessen the strain on myself, I am going to unplug myself once a week, no cell phone on Sundays will be the start, and I am going to start living more in the present.

I need to remember, that while life is wonderful and amazing and vast, it is also fleeting and the only thing you will ever do.  So I am going to work to be here now.
Be Here Now


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  1. We are the same person and I adore this post. That is all.

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