The Complexities of Impending Graduation

I almost started this off by saying I was 20, but I’m not – I am twenty-one (I spelled it out because I believe being twenty-one looks classier like this, as opposed to 21 – sue me, I broke AP style).  I am twenty-one, a senior in college and I am as unprepared for the real world as the entire country is for the zombie apocalypse (it might happen, are you ready?).

Honestly, I am a child, and people are telling me I’m ready for the real world. Umm, I checked with myself (the highest authority I have on items pertaining to myself), and I am not ready for the real world and I would like everyone to stop pressuring me.  I do not want to graduate, I do not want to be accountable and I sure as heck do not want to figure how to pay things like insurance, taxes and my cell phone bill (why is data so expensive?!).

No one, not one single person, prepared me for the emotional roller coaster junior and senior year of college are, there really should be a mandatory seminar about this.  You are told about all the freedom and amazingness college is for four years during high school, and then you get to college and graduation seems so far away and there are parties and finals and jobs and internships, and suddenly you forget about what comes next.  Graduation is TERRIFYING and no one has prepared me for the next chapter.

I find it uncomfortable to call adults with children my age by their first name, I can’t walk down a flight of stairs while carrying a laundry basket without falling and I still eat Happy Meals…I am not ready to join the real world.


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