The Yin and Yang of “Vertism”

As I stand in the Chipotle line (I’m a college student and it’s finals – I’m aware this is bad for me) I am reminded of a TEDtalk I recently watched. But first things first, can we talk about how awesome it is that I have the ability to have a cell phone, that the Internet is a feasible item, that I can access an app on my phone and blog while standing in line contemplating what to get on my burrito (who are we joking, I know what I’m getting) and simultaneously eavesdrop on they boys behind me discussing their recent one night stands. I call them boys because they’re discussing recent escapades in a fast food line, and I believe men do that in bars.

Back on track, I recently watched a TEDtalk about introverts. Now if you know me, you know that I can talk. A lot. I never really shut up, except when I do.  Most people would rank me as an extrovert, however, I really consider myself more of an extroverted introvert. Which brings me to the yin and yang of “vertism”.

(Side note: the boys are now discussing me and the fact that I am writing a novel on my phone – I wish boys, I wish) 

If you know anything about extroverts and introverts, you know that no one person is firmly one side or the other, you need a blend of both or else you would be in an insane asylum.

So… I consider myself an extroverted introvert, I am not outgoing unless I feel comfortable. I do not like to step out of my boundaries unless I am pushed to do so. If you force me to go out I will, but if given the choice of going out or staying in, in will stay in and continue my long-term relationship with Netflix (he’s the best boyfriend) or a good book (I’m currently reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – it’s AMAZING). I also keep a journal (not like a 13-year old girl who is trying to figure out if that kid in her math class is cute, but more in like the Hannah Horvath sense – Hannah Horvath/Lena Dunham is EVERYTHING), because I find that I can express my thoughts in writing better than I can in words.

What’s the difference between introverts and extroverts? I am so glad you just asked that! Introversion is the tendency toward being predominantly concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life, where as extroversion is the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside the self. A person can also be an ambivert, follow smack-dab in between the two, but let’s be real, everyone sways one way of the other…

People typically assume that an introvert is someone who is shy; shyness is not related to introversion, an extrovert can be shy while still concerned about obtaining gratification from others.

I think it is really important for every person to understand the role introversion and extroversion have in shaping their lifestyle choices.  Just because you like to take solace with yourself, does not mean you are depressed or weird or shy, it probably means you’re more of an introvert, and there is not one thing wrong with that.

So, what are you?


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