Words Are Hard: Mini Blogs

I had trouble writing this blog today, the reasons are twofold: 1.) finals are a thing that I am experiencing and 2.) the VlogBrothers are the best and I keep ending up on their YouTube channel (but I learn so MUCH!). So, today I do not bring you one blog, I bring you MINI BLOGS (also maybe the first actual recording of slight ADD in my body – I don’t know?).

2013 Resolution
Each year I’m all like, “everyone is deciding what they want to do in 2013, what are you going to do, Meggan?” And then I decide to do something that is not life changing, but can be accomplished (2010 – Speak my mind, but do it nicely of course.  2011 – Stop spending so much money! 2012 – Vlog everyday for a year.), and then I don’t actually do it.  Every year I make a resolution and then I DON’T DO IT, I am just like everyone else in the United States of America.

This year will be different, this year I want to blog everyday for a year. I am starting early so I can get a good start, and not be blindsided in January. So stick with me, and maybe in 2013, I won’t abandon my resolution like someone who completely ignores the dollar spot at Target (who does that?!)…

Outward Pursuit in Footie Pajamas
I have footie pajamas, they are the best thing that has happened to me – I thoroughly enjoy being cozy.  However, with great love comes great heartache.  I am constantly finding myself zipping up my sock-monkey pajamas, and then having to go somewhere (this is probably because I keep putting them on anytime I get home, even at 2pm).  Now I have turned to my friends in these times where I want to leave the house, but I am wearing footie pajamas, the consensus from them is always the same: No, you cannot wear footie pajamas outside.

But this week, I went outside my apartment in my footie pajamas.  However, I layered rain boots and a winter coat that went down to my knees over the pajamas.  Now, I wished that there was some awesome story about how I ran into some important person, or one of my professors, or boss, or an attractive boy, but let me tell you something, most people would honestly expect me to be outside of my house in footie pajamas – I’m that girl – and the attractive boy isn’t going to seem that attractive if he judges my weirdness, but nothing exciting happened.  Except now I have small bruises on top of my feet because my PJs have buttons there for the sock-monkey eyes and the rain boots caused them to press into my feet.  So, really, wearing footie pajamas outside of my home caused me pain. I will not do it again, world, I promise.

I would have posted a photo of my sock-monkey footie pajamas, but I currently feel like death. Standby on the photo.

I ate whipped cream out of the can today…that is all.

This is the most exciting mini blog and deserves a whole blog (tomorrow) and I just want you to join me in my freak out.  So I was volunteered/asked to help out with a radio interview here at Ohio State for Writer’s Talk. This itself is already exciting, except that the interview is with THE BLOGGESS (Jenny Lawson deserves all caps and I actually screeched THE BLOGGESS out loud when I wrote it) which makes is 10,000 times more exciting!!  So today I found out that instead of helping out with the interview, I will be giving the interview…alone.

Quick question: Meggan, how many interviews have you conducted? – None.

This is going to go swimmingly.  So today, I have cried, almost peed my pants, had a panic attack, wrote some questions and baked cookies.  And now, now I think I am ready for this interview.

I tweeted out that I was scared and going to pee my pants tomorrow during the interview, because let’s be honest – I am going to pee my pants tomorrow during the interview… but at least she will know what is actually going on on my side of the interview.  Really, the only question I want to ask her is if TSA gives her shit when she carries on her taxidermied mouse.

Fun fact: I am currently smelling a book right now… New books smell so good.


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