What’s Hot: Originality

“Who am I?” has always been a question on the forefront of many young adults. This is a time in our lives where we are attempting (and typically, failing) to find out who we are.  College, and the immediate years following, are a time for experimentation, a time for finding out who you really are.

I have found one thing to be true in my journey of “finding myself”. I have found that no matter how bizarre you are, as long as you are showing your true colors – people will always be there.

I am weird. There, I said it.

However, my weirdness has not hindered my job performance, my relationships or my life. In fact, my weirdness has helped me. People like it when you’re honest and open, and I am always my honestly, weird self, always (well, within reason).

I am creative, boisterous, and sarcastic, a terrible dancer, a midnight baker, a huge procrastinator, but I am also a go-getter, someone who knows how to rally when necessary, and I am a wonderful shoulder to lean on. That is who I am, it’s not going to change. I will always be loud and quirky and a terrible dancer… but that what make me, me.

My friends and family know that when you need someone to come over to bake cookies with you at 11:30 p.m., I’m probably awake. Or if you broke something and are freaking out, call me, I can usually keep you calm and think of a way to fix it. If you want someone to just hang out with, I’ll be there…probably dancing like this:

I am weird, but I like it, it’s who I am. Who are you?


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