Meg Meets Change

For me, the month of May was chock-full of changes and learning.  Changes that I welcomed with open arms and changes that I had no say in and I want to stop, all of which I am learning from.

This month, I started an intense one-month class at Ohio State referred to as MayMester, I have taken it upon myself to change the name to MegMester (which is indubitably better), no one else has caught on – but in due time my friends, MegMester will prevail!  This class was something I was nervous about because of how fast-paced is, however I have learned that I am learning a lot more in this class in four weeks than I ever learned in a 15-week semester course because of how in-depth it is.  It’s interesting as well, I don’t have to worry about four other classes, so I am more focused, and therefore I am crushing it.

This month also included Spring Commencement from OSU, where my lovely friends graduated from college and I cannot be more proud of them for doing so.  With their graduation, comes jobs and moving.

This month, I am learning to say goodbye.

I thought I knew how to say goodbye, I thought it was actually pretty easy. You tell people that you’ll keep in touch and you’ll visit, it’s very superficial, I could not have been more wrong.  The only other time I have had to say goodbye to friends and family was when I left for college. I thought it was easy.  You tell them that you’ll keep in touch, that you’ll see them when you’re all home on breaks, that you’ll text and Skype all the time, you don’t really mean it – but you try.  I was not ready to say goodbye to my college friends, who have become my family.

I am writing this after the first of my friends, Shannon, left Columbus to seek great adventure elsewhere.  Shannon and I met our first-year at OSU in a COMM 101 class, we had a lot in common (basically we shared a mutual weirdness) and were fast friends.  Shannon is currently moving cross-country to San Francisco, and I am so beyond proud of her for making this decision and following it through.  Shannon and I survived every year of OSU together (despite some obstacles here and there), we have never fought, we were in the same student organization, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we saw the final Harry Potter movie together for goodness sake.  So, learning to say goodbye to her was something I was not ready for.  This is the first time I have ever been completely and overwhelming upset about someone leaving, and I think it just proves how different you and your relationships develop as you get older (or maybe I just love my friends a lot more than most people – I will never apologize for this).

Until next time…


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  1. Jeff says:

    There’s some nerdy comment I once heard about progress happening when you’re at the edge of your comfort zone, instead of in the soft middle or way outside of it. Change is part of what makes that progress happen.
    And trust me, after living through years of leaving and being left by friends, you DO keep in touch with who matters. Shannon is lucky to be one of those people to you!

    1. I am definitely on the edge of my comfort zone this month, and I have already put San Francisco on my job hunting radar. So, something is telling me that Shannon and I will never lose touch!

  2. ohiobrian says:

    Without a doubt, friendships made in college are more significant than, say high school. I completely understand where you are coming from. But I think that you will find that the bonds you have made will not be broken with distance. In today’s day, it is so much easier to stay connected.

    After college, I found that I was in the same situation again with friends I made in the Navy. Some left because of the job and I left many when my career path in the Navy changed.

    But if there is something to learn from an old guy, it is this: I am still connected to many of my college friends and my Navy friends. The difference now is that instead of sharing a common life, a path together, now we share our separate lives and that makes it great. Because now I get to enjoy their paths and mine.

    Your are well on your way to greatness. Trust me, they will all want to hear about your life for a long time.

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