Meg Meets Life After Diploma

I recently graduated from The Ohio State University (please don’t think I’m a pretentious jerk for using the ‘the’), and I have absolutely no idea what is in store for me next.  Until this past month, I have been working at the Ohio Union and the City of Gahanna while taking classes; and now I’m doing nothing!

No school, no work and moving back home – every recent graduate’s dream!

So, clearly I am job seeking, I am using the word seeking instead of hunting… It’s not like I am stalking and planning to prey on jobs, I just want to find one and cherish it for a while. Basically I want to long-term date a job (#reasonswhyimsingle).

I can see my long-term job/date ad now, “Recent OSU Graduate Seeks PR or PIO Position That Pays Enough To Afford An Apartment, Utilities and Gas, Must Love Dogs.” Maybe I should update my Twitter bio…

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am taking time off, or maybe not – I don’t know your life. I’m taking time off to find myself.

Just kidding, I’m taking time off because I know I will never get this sort of freedom again, I am embracing it.  I plan to find my inner Hannah Horvath and, like, blog and watch Netflix all day.

I give this plan a week, two tops, – I like doing things too much to just sit around and do nothing all day.  So for now, this recent graduate is going to take time to enjoy this moment, I am going to stop and smell the roses (even though I hate roses, if you ever find yourself wanting to buy me flowers – I like daisies), but soon, and probably sooner than I’m expecting – I will be sprinting to join the real world.

But for now, something is telling me that you will probably be hearing a lot more from me.

Until next time…


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