Meg Meets a Perpetual State of Wanderlust

wanderlustI graduated college precisely 19 days ago. I left my internship/job and moved back in to my parents’ house 15 days ago. I have made a lot of changes. Subsequently, I am now incredibly bored.

I love my parents’ house, do not get me wrong. My parents are both amazing people who make me laugh daily and my mother is a phenomenal cook (something I did not inherit), but being away from what I consider home (Columbus, Ohio) and my friends is hard, I feel isolated, I feel trapped. I feel the need to just… go.

I want to go anywhere, nowhere, I want to get lost without caring if I will find my way or myself.

I have entered my own perpetual state of wanderlust.

Isn’t that what funemployment is all about, aren’t we supposed to travel, or want to travel (money is tight, dude – remember, unemployed)? Never again is it going to be socially acceptable for me to live at my parents’ house,  sleeping in till 10 a.m. and spending a majority of my days doing absolutely nothing (because I will NOT unpack, I refuse).

I think it is vital to my, our (the recent graduates and/or soon-to-be college graduates) to plan a trip, you don’t have to go – but you should definitely plan a trip somewhere. Make a list of places you want to travel with friends, make a list of places you want to travel alone, make a list of places you want to experience with someone you love, make another list of places to go in your state, make a list of places you haven’t been to in your city, make a list. Never stop making plans. Hold on to them, and one day, start to cross them off, slowly, together, alone, at your own pace.

You just have to start somewhere.

I want to...


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