Meg Meets a Habit

I’ve been told countless times that 3 weeks is all you need to break a habit. But three weeks can be a long time.

21 days.
504 hours.
30,240 minutes.
1,814,400 seconds.

A lot can happen in three weeks (I mean ask Kim Kardashian – three weeks is almost a third of her marriage to Kris Humphries)!

You don’t really notice a habit until you no longer do it, and any habit, regardless of how small it is, can be hard to break. The habit that I focused on breaking this past month was nail biting. I used to bit my nails when I was nervous, when I was unsure of a situation, when I had no control of an outcome… college was hard on my nails!

This past month was devoted to stopping this annoying habit.  Specifically I focused on my thoughts and feelings and how to fix them, rather than avoid them and take it out on my sad nails…

So, here is a blog post devoted to my nails, because they are now long (well, some of them…) and strong.  They prove that anything can be overcome if you put effort into it.  They are 10 small reminders that I can constantly be working to improve myself.



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