Meg Meets King Arthur, Has a Moment

Except there was no sword, or rock, and my father isn’t a dead king that I didn’t know I was related to… This is actually a story nothing like King Arthur’s, but I wanted an attention grabbing, regal blog title.

However, just because I am not like King Arthur, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have an Aha! Sword moment. After two months of [fervent] job searching and thinking I was just going to be a couch potato ’til the end of time, I  am beyond excited to announce that I have found a job!

I am so excited to start this next chapter in my story and I am so excited that I am going to be doing something that I love – communicating with people. I feel very fortunate that I was able to find a job two months after graduating and even more blessed that it is in the field that I studied. I’m especially relieved that I didn’t have to apply for a part-time job at Barnes & Noble where I would have undoubtedly spent my paycheck on books. A more detailed blog about my past two months and the ups and downs I experienced in regards to job searching will be posted soon – but I was just too excited and wanted you all to know! I can’t wait to work for the rest of my life!

Have you had a recent King-Arthur-Sword-Pulling moment; where you finally felt like everything was falling into place and that you were on top of the world?


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