Meg Meets the Morning

If you have known me for any small amount of time, then you probably know I hate mornings. If you wanted me up any time before noon, some sort of breakfast needed to be involved and coffee. You would think someone who loves breakfast/brunch as much as I do would be a morning person, but that is not the case here. Or that was the case…

Recently, I have learned to value rest. I used to think that going to bed early would mean I would miss out on something, but that’s rubbish. I firmly believe that anything that happens after 10pm does not matter. In today’s age, I can catch up on all my TV shows the next day after work and I am one of those random people who actually loves spoilers (I know this is weird), so it’s the best of both worlds! And, most of my friends have 8-5 jobs as well, so going out on the weekdays is a joke.

0010508407J-1280x1920I’m sure you are wondering how I went from someone who had to be dragged out of bed in the morning to someone who wakes up at 6am no problem. I can tell you, it was not easy. It took a lot of “training.” I had to wake up 20-30 minutes earlier each morning and make a designated routine (and stick to it) each night. After about 2 weeks for going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, I had convinced my body that 9pm is time to rewind from my day so I can go to bed by 10pm. This in turn, makes me more anxious and ready to start my day at 6am! I now appreciate the small things on my way to work and I don’t feel as rushed.

Who knew how much getting the right amount of rest actually helps you (okay, okay, I know EVERYONE knew this… but I finally get it!).


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  1. This is interesting – I had one job in a school some years back and altered my sleep patterns to prevent overworking in the evenings and limit the hours of work I did outside of it. I started getting up at 4am, knowing full well I had x amount of time to work before going to work, which meant I had to be more efficient – by the time I did start work, I was peaking mentally – by the time I got home, it was happy-hour [somewhere in the world]; I could have a couple of hours to myself then sleep as peacefully as you like…

    Not for everybody mind!

  2. I may have graduated college, but my sleep cycle is taking a 5th year victory lap and insists that I must not be in bed before midnight.

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