Meg Meets the Digital Age…

I am writing this via my brand new iPad Air (my first big kid purchase!!), which is constantly baffling me with its abilities. I have always been a self-described Apple Enthusiast, but until recently, I had never owned an iPad or tablet. I bought my iPad on Black Friday (I know, I know – I can’t believe I went out on Black Friday either!) and actually got a decent deal, I mean it was Black Friday after all. It worked out perfectly because I was leaving for my first business trip, ever, a few days after purchasing this beloved device.

photo 1
The view of Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale from my room.

Speaking of my business trip… Work has been a whirlwind! I celebrated my one-month anniversary of employment with Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics on the 32nd floor of the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida, taking in the view and thinking about how crazy my life has become. I am now, officially, a young professional (or at least that’s what people keep telling me…)! This past month has been filled with meeting a blur of faces and trying my hardest to remember all of their names! In addition to that, I am launching and looking into new social media platforms for my company, ah, the life as a Social Media Marketing Specialist! 🙂 I was in Hollywood, Florida for a Kick-Off event, and I had to give a quick little introduction presentation to everyone explaining myself and my new role with the company. To say I was scared would be a vast understatement, I was absolutely, knees-shaking, tunnel-vision freaking out before I had to get up on that stage. It also looks like I need to start taking a public speaking class or something…

In addition to jumping both feet first into this job, and investing in new technology in my personal life, I have also started using an Andriod phone. I KNOW. Me, using an Android?! It is truly laughable. Work has given me a Samsung S4. So, now I’m that jerk you see with two computers (a Mac and a PC), two phones (an iPhone and an Android) and an iPad… I have embraced it, mostly because I love technology and I love learning new devices and things.

So November was CRAZY to say the least! I am very excited to settle down a bit in the end of December and play on all my fun tech!!

View of Miami from the Virginia Key (Saint-Gobain did a community event cleaning up the Key during our trip to Florida)!
View of Miami from the Virginia Key (Saint-Gobain did a community event cleaning up the Key during our trip to Florida)!

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