Meg Meets 9-Year Old Me

When I was in fourth-grade we had a “Fourth Grade Olympics,” which included things like hula-hooping, cursive writing, wheelbarrow races and a spelling bee. At the time, I thought my best bet for a gold medal would be in the spelling competition. I had done decently throughout our spelling tests that year, and thus thought I had prepared enough.

For fourth-grade standards, I had. But if this was a national spelling bee, I would have been laughed out of that place…

I was cruising along the day of the competition and found myself sitting pretty in second place, gunning down first. Then I was dished out an easy word, so easy in fact that I let it go to my head.

Dragon… D-R-A-G-O, dragon,” the moment it left my lips I knew I had lost. I MEAN WHO THE HELL SPELLS DRAGON WITHOUT THE N?!? And that my friends, was the first lesson I learned in taking my time and double checking things before you call them done.

Fast-forward 13 years and that lesson still applies to my life. Anytime I write or say something and I realize that I should’ve thought about that more or I should’ve reread that, I instantly flash-back to the spelling contest in fourth-grade.

Though I guess if a small fourth-grade spelling contest is one of my most embarrassing/terrifying memories that it still haunts me to this day, I had a pretty great childhood.


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