Meg Meets the Year After

1098273_10200386396448635_1363696188_n2014 officially marks the first year that I haven’t been in school or Montessori since I was three. And, unless I plan to go back for a Master’s degree (which I will not be doing in the near future), it doesn’t look like I will be going back to school anytime soon…

It’s hard adjusting to this thought, I have been in school for the past 19 years and now I’m done. There are times I would give anything to go back to college and try a little harder or try to meet more people or go back knowing who my friends are now and spending more time with those people. But then there are moments when I realize that I wouldn’t trade places with those students during finals time if you paid me.

Real life is scary because it is the unknown to us post-grads. When you do one thing for 18+ years and then all of the sudden you’re told that’s it and you have to do something else, it takes a while to get used to. So please bear with the emotional roller-coaster that is post-grads… we’re actually going insane.

The year after college is actually really bizarre. Some students are lucky enough to secure jobs before they graduate, some students are even luckier to get them a month or two after graduation. If you got a job before you graduated, that’s great, I’m happy for you and I hope you were able to get a month off between school and work. That’s why I think getting a job after you graduate and have a month of two on your own, is better. Never again in your life will you be able to not wear pants on a weekday (or maybe you can, I don’t know what your job is), binge-watch Breaking Bad until you don’t know what day it is, or travel anywhere you want for as long as you want (if you have that kind of money – and if so, what job did you have in college!?). Taking a few months to focus on you and relax after graduation is necessary, that time is amazing and it makes you a better person. If anything, two months left alone with just your thoughts and Netflix will seriously motivate you to find a job than anything else.

In society’s eyes, you are basically allowed six-months of “looking” for a job after you graduate college, after six months you need to have something locked down. This could be an internship, a part-time gig, a full-time “big-kid” job, a freelance position, being a full-time YouTuber or being a street-mime… Just have something, anything! But spend that six months looking for yourself and a job.

If you are lucky enough to get a full-time job, and I know you can do it – you are a very smart person, make the effort to absorb all the knowledge you can from people in your company. People like to share information with the new-comer, use your past 18+ years of learning to remember and study all the information that is shared with you! Spend your first year at a new job learning everything you can, because soon you won’t be the new person anymore and you can’t get away with being confused in meetings.

Your brain is a sponge… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE IT.

Your first year without school is filled with more learning than you would expect. You will learn about yourself, you will learn who your real friends are, you will learn new fears, your 5-year plan will become completely different, you will change… you will still be awesome though.

Here’s to the year after, it’s terrifying and perfect!

+Meggan Fallon


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