Meg Meets Letting Go Of Control, Part One

I recently took a few vacation days, which if you know me is actually quite rare. Throughout college, I worked or intern throughout all of/most of my breaks (I still went home for Christmas), I have even been known to work on NYE; so, it is very uncharacteristically of me to take a few days of “me time”.  So, I booked a trip to see one of my best friends in San Francisco, Shannon, and another one of my friends who lives in LA, Beth.  I didn’t take anything work related, although I did pack my iPhone, which means I have the internet and Twitter, so it’s kind of like I packed my job!

Anyway, I wanted to take a vacation away from Ohio and myself. I have a very strong type-A personality, I love to plan everything, I stick to a strict, meticulous schedule every single day; so, on this vacation I want to escape any sort of schedule and itinerary (besides my flight schedule, that I still had to abide by). So, I let go of control, I checked with my friends that the dates were good and then bought my tickets… and that was the extent of my planning!

photo 1So, off I went to LA on Wednesday, I was only there briefly (less than 24 hours, actually) and I wish I was there longer because it turns out 2 of my cousins and another one of my friends was also in LA this week and I would’ve loved to see them while out here! The flight to LA was actually one of the roughest flights I have ever taken, we snuck out right before another huge cold front/giant winter storm #89473 hit the Midwest and East Coast and therefore we had insane turbulence for the first half of the flight and then we hit more turbulence, unrelated to the storm, for the other half. It was a VERY bumpy ride to say the least. After finally landing in the gorgeous, sunny and warm Los Angeles I was swept off to Venice Beach!

photo 2

My friend Beth and I had a great time playing in the freezing Pacific, walking around Muscle Beach and looking at all the vendors and playing volleyball. We then went to tour where Beth works, because it’s E! and I really wanted to see E! Then we went to dinner at the Grove, which really reminded me of my family’s trip to Italy in the winter of 2011. The Grove has a bunch of gorgeous lights all throughout the streets and it really reminded me of the way Florence decorates… oh, take me back! 🙂

photo 3
Okay, I get it E!, you have a cool office…

And that was the extent of my LA trip for the most part, I was then whisked off to San Francisco… but you’re going to have to come back for that adventure!

+Meggan Fallon


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