Meg Meets Letting Go Of Control, Part Two

BridgeEarlier this week, I jetted from LA to San Francisco for Part 2 of my “traveling without a care in the world” trip.  I landed in San Francisco on Thursday morning and took the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) into the city to meet my friend, Shannon, at work. We grabbed a quick Starbucks and she called me an Uber, and I was off to her gorgeous apartment in Nob Hill to unpack and shower before meeting her for lunch.

I wandered back down the hill to the Ferry Building to grab an amazing salad and have some much needed girl talk with her before sending her back on her way to work and exploring the city alone. I ventured back up to Nob Hill, poked around every street up there, Chinatown and Russian Hill. The views up there are STUNNING and my legs were aching to take a nap by 5pm (I am definitely NOT used to hiking up those steep hills on a daily basis!). I ran to the Trader Joe’s a couple blocks from her apartment and bought some champagne and all the ingredients to make guacamole, talk about a healthy dinner! We then ventured down to the marina on our evening walk before heading home to pop the bubbly and attempt to make guacamole with not quite ripe avocados… we had to use a blender to mash them (Guacamole now sponsored by Magic Bullet).

Hill, 2

On Friday, we headed back down toward the marina for a quick pop into Benefit for a (much overdue) brow wax; and then we snuck into Gap, because when I travel cross-country I like to go into the exact same stores we have in Ohio…

Dolores Park with ViewAfter lunch at this fabulous whiskey bar with the best sliders I have ever had, we rode a cable car, hanging off the sides and all, to Union Square (where I then splurged on a VERY nice pair of sunglasses). After our lovely purchases, we headed over to Dolores Park. The view of the city from the park is stunning and I LOVE soaking up some sun in the middle of March! I also (finally) acquired some Samoas from a very nice girl scout who was selling them in the park, so I was feeling pretty dang happy that afternoon.

Full House HouseWe then popped over to see the Full House house on Broderick Ave, because when you’re in San Francisco this is a MUST SEE, obviously. They painted it a different color because I think the owners must hate people constantly stopping by to take photos, but the fact that the house is now purple and not white is not going to stop me.

Shannon and I then stopped by a small market and picked up a fresh pizza and some lettuce to make for dinner that night, I mean honestly I am the easiest travel companion ever. The goat cheese pizza was the best take-and-bake pizza I have ever had, I am not even kidding. It was another early night because we we’re waking up early the next day to head to Napa!

Napa Hill

Napa was incredible. I now know where I want to retire… if I can ever retire. Amiright?

BreakfastWe headed to the Clos Du Val winery to pick up some wine and have a tasting, where I splurged and bought a bottle. It was incredible, the views in Napa are stunning, it’s so quiet and I just can’t even. I highly suggest heading up to Napa if you ever find yourself in the Northern Cali area, and soaking up the views. Before stopping at the winery we popped into Alexis Baking Company in Downtown Napa for some breakfast and coffee. The service and food was astonishing! I had the Huevos Rancheros and some fresh squeezed OJ, Shan had the French Toast and a latte (which I may or may not have stolen a few sips of); I highly suggest a pit-stop at ABC if you’re ever in the area!

Shan & I, Napa

Me, SF in BKGAfter driving around Napa, we headed to an overlook road/Vista Point on the opposite side of the bay to see the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown San Francisco. It was at this moment during my trip where I was concerned that I wasn’t going to get on my flight home and just stay in SF forever (spoiler alert: I go home, sadly).

From the overlook we headed to the Golden Gate Park to lay out and meet up with some of Shannon’s friends. It was at the moment that I wished I had been wearing my running shoes so I could go for a run through the park, it was so green and lush, and you would never guess that you were in the middle of San Francisco! It was so nice just laying in the grass and enjoy the peace and quiet; I almost forgot where I was it was so peaceful.

Once our tummies were rumbling we packed up and headed back to Nob Hill to an adorable Italian Café right behind Shannon’s apartment for dinner. The food was an amazing and once again made me wish I could stay forever and eat my way through the city! It was the perfect final night in the city. I’ve always been a stay in and chat kind of gal, so I loved every bit of this night.Lombard

The next morning, my final morning in San Francisco, we drove down Lombard and snapped a quick pic.  I highly suggest getting there around 8am on a Sunday, because it was actually pretty dang empty for a tourist location! We then popped over to the Mission for some fancy gourmet coffee before heading to the airport.

San Francisco/Napa in 3.25 days!
It can be done, my friends, with no planning and no itinerary, and I don’t really feel like I missed out on anything! I thoroughly enjoyed not being in charge of plans or the itinerary for my trip! In fact, I enjoyed not feeling like I had to cross off items on a personal must-see checklist that I think this is how I might travel forever… Or maybe not, but it was nice for a week!

Now it’s off to NYC for a work trip, where I HAVE to stick to an itinerary… that’s going to be a tough adjustment!

+Meggan Fallon


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  1. Having no agenda or itinerary is always the best, you never feel pressured to cut something “short” because you have something else to do. Personally, I like to have a rough “to-do” list of things I want to do/places and people to see, but without a definitive timeline of when I need/want to complete things on the list. So in a way, still somewhat structured but free to do whatever.

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