Stop with the sorrys!

“I asked five questions in genetics class today and all of them started with the word ‘sorry.’”

I love spoken word poetry, mostly because I love the English language and I love hearing the way people can string together words to form sentences that somehow sound like magic when spoken out loud. But, no line has ever hit me harder than the one above by Lily Myers.

Lily’s most famous piece is about women shrinking themselves, being taught to grow in rather than out, apologizing for asking questions, and in listening to this piece I find myself analyzing my behaviors.

I constantly apologize for things that don’t warrant anything close to an apology. The words sorry should mean something; they should be saved for when I truly make a huge mistake, which I will – because I’m human. Sorry should not be used when I don’t want to disturb silence with a question or when I am confused, those are not instances to be apologetic for.

As a whole, women overuse the word sorry, and we need to stop. Think twice before you apologize for something that you’re not actually sorry for. Stop using the word sorry in place of the words excuse me or pardon. Save your sorrys for times when you really mean it.

Inspired by HuffingtonPost Article Actually, I’m Not at All Sorry I’m Not Sorry

+Meggan Fallon


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