Meg Meets Q&A, TGIM!

Thank goodness it’s Monday! I joke, I joke – Monday’s are the worst.

But I thought I would spice up this Monday with some Qs and As. But since I just got this idea, I decided I would ask myself some Qs that no one has ever asked me!

What’s your biggest regret?
That I chopped my hair really short in September of 2013; I’ve chopped my hair off a lot but now it’s not growing in as fast and I have regrets. I miss my long hair!

If you could’ve majored in anything what would you choose?
Coloring in coloring books! Or Color Coding items!

How do you sleep?
On my stomach, in the center of the bed.

Why do you fall all the time?
I think I have an inner-ear problem. I also drop things a lot. I don’t know… I’m just really clumsy? WebMD says I’m dying.

Favorite weather?
65 degrees, sun out and a light breeze

What’s your biggest fear?
Answering a phone call from a phone number I don’t recognize or the dark, it’s a tie.

Favorite pizza topping?
Pepperoni and banana peppers.

Favorite City?
Chicago or San Francisco!

Don’t like the questions I asked? GOOD. Ask me some more! If anything, it’ll distract you for a few minutes from your horrible Monday! 🙂

+Meggan Fallon


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