Meg Meets the Definitive Rankings of Hotel Amenities

A common theme in my blog lately has been travel, mostly because I have been traveling a lot in the past month. I’ve been to Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. April has been a whirlwind, and I am finally home. Because I have been traveling a lot I feel like hotels have become a second home.

I’ve stayed in DoubleTrees, Marriotts, Courtyards, Hiltons, Homewood Suites… I have stayed in hotels with too few pillows, too thin of walls, terrible breakfasts and youths, youths everywhere.

So, now I bring you the definite list of things that make hotels great:

  1. A close parking spot 
  2. Friendly customer service
  3. Free alcohol (Homewood Suites, you and your drink tickets at check-in are a gem)
  4. A conveniently located room (nothing is worse than having to walk down the longest corridor EVER to your room)
  5. A working hotel key the first time I get to my room (you have no idea how frequently I have to return to the front desk because my key doesn’t work the first time they give to me)
  6. Pillows! SO MANY PILLOWS! (I firmly believe that you cannot have too many pillows)
  7. Outlets right by the bed (a lot of hotels have started putting outlets on the bedside lamps, some even put three or four on the nightstand – these hotels are AMAZING. I always start my unpacking process by plugging in my iPad, computer and two phones, if I can find easily accessible outlets for these, I am a happy camper)
  8. A working blowdryer (blowdryers have become more and more unreliable in hotel rooms, I might start packing my own…)
  9. Free breakfast (FREE. It doesn’t have to be the best, but free breakfast is so nice)
  10. Express check-out (while I love the humans at the front desk, I love not having to stop there on my way out in the morning even more)

Now I don’t need these things in order to stay in a certain hotel, they just make the experience a little better. What do you love when you’re staying in a hotel?

+Meggan Fallon


One Comment Add yours

  1. You bring up many good points:

    #1 and #2 – always a plus no matter what.
    #4 – sometimes being further away from staircases/elevators = more peace and quiet.
    #7 – I prefer on nightstand than behind bed, less chance of forgetting them.
    #10 – I haven’t experienced an express check-out yet, but I like the concept.

    You probably don’t have a chance to use them, but what about other amenities like fitness rooms and pools?

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