Meg Meets the Meth Head

A meth-head stole my book. In fact he traded it for a bag of meth stuff (I am not a drug do-er, so I don’t know what’s necessary for the activity, but I do know it fits into a large paper bag). Now this book might not have been a book, but I do know that it was 35 pages single-spaced that I spent the entirety of my freshman year at Ohio State writing.  It was traded for a bag of meth, my most secret and prized possession was bartered for drugs that would never be taken (you “take” meth right?”).

On July 9, 2013, my entire world came crumbling down. I mean not really, but I did have my computer stolen while at work on campus in the Ohio Union. This goes down as one of the worst days the Union has seen (at least in my humble and unbiased opinion). As a college student two weeks away from finals, that day felt like someone stole all my hard work and my diploma from me (I ended up being okay, thank god for backing up to the cloud and awesome renter’s insurance).

I got to view in slow motion, on a loop, the video of that stranger walk out of the Union holding my friend’s laptop with our computers inside (thank god for friendship in the worst moments). I then felt like puking and punching someone and crying… I felt like crying a lot, so I did. I don’t handle things well; my first instinct is usually to cry, about anything.

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks to the day they caught the idiot with my friend’s passport and my credit card (sadly, no computers). The detectives believe they sold our computers for the meth, the brown paper bag marked biohazard that was sitting in front of me as I ID’d my credit card. It didn’t seem fair that my computer got traded for a bag of unused meth, SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE USED IT.

My computer is worth more than unused meth, but probably not more than used meth…

I didn’t even realize until two months after the whole traumatizing event that I forgot to back up one very important item onto my external hard drive. I’m usually very good about backing up everything that I deem important on my computer; I’m a breaker of technology – so I must back things up often because I drop things, important things… a lot. I backed up my computer in college once a week. It was probably the most consistent thing about my collegiate career. I backed up every movie, photo, document and song on that computer, except one.

Freshman year I started writing a thing. It started as a somewhat diary but then evolved into so much more. By the time I had 10 single-spaced pages I knew I was writing a book, I just didn’t know what it was about just yet.

By the end of my freshman year, it was 35 pages and it was a story about me and my experiences while stumbling through life, it was fabulous. It was never shared with anyone. The book was then put in a folder and stored away on my computer.

A folder I never backed up on my external hard drive.

Two months after a meth head stole my laptop and wallet, I realized he also took my book with him. I am partially to blame for never backing up that year’s worth of work, but that man is also to blame. I hope to god the meth dealers who got my laptop in the trade for drugs wiped it clean and never poked around on it, because if they did they might be in the works for a great book deal.

Keep an eye out for a book about a college student trying to figure out what she wants to do…

+Meggan Fallon


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