Meg Meets her Weakness

pinnochioI cannot lie to save my life. If someone pointed a gun at my head and told me to tell some very simple lie or get shot (I know that this is improbable, but you NEVER KNOW), I would tell the lie but you would be able to tell I was lying because I turn red and get flustered and then I would get shot because my lie was that horrible. Lying is my weakness. However, in terms of weaknesses this is pretty great. I mean it’s not like this causes some great harm to people…

But in terms of secret keeping and, like, surviving high school, lying would have greatly benefitted me.  But alas, I made it all the way through college by telling the truth, for the most part.

If you tell me a secret and you want me to not tell anyone, I need to you know this: I will forget that secret. It’s how I manage not to tell the whole world. I just simply tell myself that that one item wasn’t that important, and after a few hours, I will typically forget.

Somehow it’s worked out okay. I’ve known about proposals and surprise parties, I’ve known about expectant parents and other run-of-the-mill gossip but just forgetting about it…

So, that’s how I deal with surprises, lying on the other hand is hard. I can’t even tell little white lies without getting all red and awkward. So just know that when you ask my advice on something, you get my actual advice, unless you notice I’m turning red… in which case, I’m sorry, but I’m definitely lying.

+Meggan Fallon


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