#ThankfulThursday: A Piece of Plastic

On March 6, I was delivered a lovely pink plastic bracelet (I mean, I purchased it – it didn’t just show up out of the blue – side note, if you find yourself wanting to send me lovely gifts, shoot me an email for my address 🙂 ). Inside this piece of plastic was a Fitbit®, and man oh man did I not know what I got myself into…

Fitbit + Alex & Ani + Polka Dots = LOVE.

This teeny tiny bracelet has become my nemesis! It silently taunts me all day and constantly reminds me to move. This “taunting” and reminding is phenomenal! If you work in an office, like myself, you’ll know that you pretty much sit at a desk for at least 8 hours a day. It’s really hard to remember to get up and move – in fact, sometimes I’ll even forget to go to the bathroom until I’m about to burst! This annoying plastics bracelet encourages me to move and walk and to take breaks from starting at a computer screen (my eyes are eternally grateful).

My Fitbit Flex® tracks steps, water intake, calories burned, active minutes, sleep, miles walked and weight lost. It’s also pretty nice because you can have friends on the app and challenge each other in weekly challenges. It’s pretty crazy how a silent plastic bracelet can encourage you to get up and move so much, but it really does!

My only issue with the bracelet is that it’s hard to get used to. I’ve only had mine for 2-3 weeks and it’s taken me some time to remember to put it on or to keep it on because sometimes I’ll have to take it off to use my laptop is I’m typing for long periods of time. However, these issues don’t stop me from loving the product.

I am super thankful that I have this piece of plastic and I’m even more thankful that it is forcing me to move more… god knows I need it – I am the LAZIEST human.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


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