That Can Wait: What to Purchase NOW!

waitIf you’re anything like me you want to purchase EVERYTHING before you move into your first apartment – in fact, I am typing this after spending an entire paycheck at IKEA (I still don’t move until the 3rd of July). Buying new things and styling your first apartment is really exciting! You get to pick out everything that you, and only you, want in your new place.

However, as exciting and eventful as shopping for new furniture and trinkets to fill your apartment can be, you really don’t need them on move-in day. So, if money is tight and space is limited in your moving truck, here is a list of a few items that you should get ASAP.

1. Bed
This might seem like a given, but stop pretending that sleeping on a pull-out couch or sofa or an air mattress on the ground or even a mattress on the ground is cutting it… it’s not. It’s time to put on your big kid pants and purchase a mattress that sits on a bed frame. STOP SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR – adults sleep on a bed frame.

2. Toilet Paper
Trust me on this one. You’re moving, you’re lifting heavy things you’re rearranging furniture; you don’t want to run out to the store to get TP. Pack some in your bag, or go to Sam’s or Costco and buy the value pack…

3. Cleaning Supplies
Make sure you bring all the supplies to clean up your new place that way it’s the cleanest it can be and your things can be wiped downed and cleaned after coming off your truck. This means: Garbage bags, soap, Windex®, paper towels, Swiffer®/vacuum, and a nice bucket for water if need be. In my opinion the best thing you can bring is a good hand towel and soap. It’s important that you can keep yourself clean and tidy while moving in new furniture, the last thing you want to have is dirty hands while moving some beautiful new couch or chair!

4. Bath Mat
This may seem ridiculous, until you’re about to hop out of the shower in your new apartment and risk death because there’s nothing to keep you from slipping on the floor in your bathroom. While you’re at it, you might want to throw in your shampoo and conditioner!

5. Pots & Pans
You’ll probably go out to eat your first night or order in some pizza because you’ll be too tired to make something… But in case you are up for it, it’s nice to have everything that you would need to cook lunch or dinner. This doesn’t have to be a full set of the fanciest pots and pans… honestly you could pick up on small pot and a nice frying pan and call it a day until you’re ready for more stuff.

Honestly, these are the ESSENTIALS when moving in to a new place, that amazing ottoman you bought can probably wait until after your move. But, like I said, if you gung-ho and ready and you have the room to move it all – by all means purchase everything you want prior to the move. Just please, for the love of god, purchase a bed frame.

Last but not least: Keep your receipt! In case you have a change of heart when you move or notice it doesn’t complement what you have or you simply just don’t like it anymore once it’s in your space

So, what are the things that you have to have when you first move in to a new place?


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