Let’s Talk About Hauls Baby!

IKEAhaulSo, like I mentioned in my previous post, I spent all of my money at IKEA this past weekend. Specifically, the IKEA in Pittsburgh, because in Northeast Ohio you have to drive at least 2 hours to Pittsburgh or 4 hours to Cincinnati for a trip to IKEA… the IKEA gods must hate NE Ohio (alongside the sports gods – who have clearly lifted the hatred this year). So, I found myself doing the fastest IKEA trip of my lifetime, my mother and I have perfected the method.

You go through the store twice and check out, twice. Trust me on this method. On your first lap, pick out all the furniture items you want and take gander at all the small trinkets and treasures in the marketplace, but don’t put them in your cart just yet, they’ll still be there later. Go pull your large furniture pieces and pay for them now, the last thing you want is for those to sell out (and sometimes they do!), then load up your car with those and go in for round two. During round two you can look for how IKEA staged your pieces and start to buy all you textiles and trinkets and definitely necessary tchotchkes.

So, I haven’t mustered up the strength to assemble any of the furniture I purchased, but I have IKEA photos that I will show you now! You’ll have to check back in July for the photos of them assembled and put in their proper places in my apartment!

HEMNES 8-drawer dresser

The first thing I knew I needed was this lovely HEMNES 8-drawer dresser and additional glass-top for my bedroom. This piece is the perfect addition to my bedroom furniture, which I want to keep light so the room feels very open and airy.

Plus, you cannot beat 8 drawers! Additionally, the glass top is the perfect add-on because I will hopefully put all my makeup on piece and I don’t want to ruin it if something spills (which will definitely happen).

HEMNES NightstandIn addition to the dresser, I knew I needed a nightstand in my bedroom. So, keeping with the theme… I bought this amazing HEMNES nightstand in white.I love how skinny this table is and the nice long lines of the legs, I think it’s just the cutest little piece to put next to my gigantic bed.Just writing this is make me so excited to move and put everything into my new bedroom – can July 3rd get here soon enough?!

KRAGSTA nesting tablesFor my living room, I picked up a nice set of KRAGSTA nesting tables in a nice lovely black color (you wouldn’t know it from this post, but I promise that my apartment has lots of color in it, not just black & white).

These tables will be a nice end table for an arm chair in my living room as well as additional coffee tables/ottomans if need be… you know if I have guests over or something, something tells me my friends will want to see my place!.

HEMSTA lamp shadeIn addition to the small nesting tables, I picked up a RODD floor lamp and HEMSTA lamp shade to go in that section of the room as well. I seriously fell in love with the feminine ruffles on this shade and immediately knew it would look fabulous in my apartment.

It took sometime for me to love this lamp, but my mom stuck to her guns and really talked me into it and I’m so glad she did. Moms are pretty good that way…

HEMNES sideboardMoving into the kitchen, I need some additional storage. My kitchen counter space is extremely limited so I needed a table or cart or something that I could put my microwave, coffee make and toaster on in order to keep my countertop (singular) clear. I originally thought I would get a cart however they all seem pretty cheap with I was looking at them, and then I found this beauty!

The HEMNES sideboard was basically IKEA love at first sight and I was so nervous that they wouldn’t have it in stock because it didn’t have an aisle or bin number – but it turns out the Pittsburgh IKEA has a second furniture pick-up location for a few items… So, I seriously lucked out!

RASKOG cartLast but not least furniture wise… I picked up ANOTHER RÅSKOG utility cart because once you buy one RÅSKOG, you see how amazing it is and buy them again each and every year for every room of your house. I’m not kidding. 

This cart is so versatile! I currently use one as a nightstand on the far side of my bed (so it’s not noticeable) and this new one will be used in my kitchen next to my stove housing spices, cookbooks and other supplies.

Now this isn’t all I bought at IKEA, this is just the furniture I purchased… I still spent a good chunk of money on dishes, hand towels, silverware, serving bowls, cutting boards, bedding, candles, etc… Basically, I got sucked into the vortex known as the IKEA Marketplace. In addition to clearly being brainwashed by the Hemnes collection (it’s just so beautiful)!

If you had unlimited money to IKEA… what would you buy first (besides the whole store)?


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