Apartment Hunting Checklist

Apartment searching and picking the perfect apartment can be extremely time consuming and exhausting. It can also be really hard to remember what you specifically liked about a place when you look at 10-a-week! It just becomes a giant blur of flooring, wall colors, square footage and rent prices… and then you start to question why you’re doing this in the first place!

BB_Apartment_ChecklistIt took me awhile to figure out and perfect the questions I wanted answered while apartment searching, but I finally realized what was the most important to me and what wasn’t that important but I was still a little curious to know… It’s important to sit-down and decide what you need in a place before you even begin looking for an apartment. For me, it was price, location and an older building (I don’t like cookie-cutter apartments). But when I first started looking I thought the most important thing to me was an in-suite washer & dryer – spoiler alert, it’s not anymore. In fact, I quickly learned that an in-suite washer & dryer drastically raises the price of your rent!

I thought I would share with you my “Apartment Search Checklist” in hopes that it will help you as much as it help me, and I hope you can share it with others! In addition to using this checklist, I also find that taking photos of the apartments helps when thinking back to a specific place. Also, if there is something you don’t like in the apartment (broken or dirty appliances or floor or walls or really anything you would like fixed prior to moving in) it’s nice to have a photo of it when you talk to your potential landlord or property manager to discuss what needs to be done prior to move-in day!

Click here to download the PDF so you can print it as much as you’d like!

What do you look for specifically when searching for an apartment?


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