7 Signs It’s Time To Move Out of Your Parents’ House

7_SignsI love my parents; I was blessed with a pretty cool set. They’re funny, they swear, they know how to crack a good one-liner and they also know when to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on… they’re pretty much fantastic. But they also got a pretty awesome daughter; I mean I’m a real catch when it comes to kids. Sure, I talked back a lot as a teenager, but now I understand how great my parents are! In fact they’re so great they let me move back home after graduating… 2 years ago.

I would love to stay with them until the end of time, but really there’s a time when a child must move out. But, when is it the “right time” and how should you know if you’re ready to try to be an adult, all alone, in the real world?

1. You should definitely move out if you’re over the age of 30. If you have a steady income and you’re over the age of 30 and living at home, no. Just no. It’s time, find an apartment, call a moving company, get out.

2. If you’re blowing off your friends to stay home with your parents. Yeah, your parents are cool, but if you’re blowing off your friends to stay home to watch a Lifetime movie with your parents, it’s time. If you keep isolating yourself, you’re going to be incredibly lonely in a year or so, move out – go out with your friends!

3. Your mom still does your laundry. What are you, 7? Be an adult! Learn how to do laundry yourself and move out! No one wants the date the person who has no idea how to wash their clothes, it’s not cute, it’s sad. Spoiler Alert: Make sure you clean out the dryer lint between each load.

4. You consider your parents’ friends your friends. I’m sure they’re great people, but they aren’t your friends… they’re your parents’ and you’re trying to steal them. Don’t steal people’s friends, get your own! In fact, I bet you keep blowing off your real friends (see: #2), so why don’t you give them a call?

5. Your younger sibling doesn’t live at home. If your younger brother or sister moved out over a year ago, that’s embarrassing. You do NOT want to be the sibling that people are “concerned” about because you have lived at home for 4 years while little Billy or Jenny or Sexually-Ambiguous Taylor has gotten a nice job in a big city and lives in a cool apartment and is basically just great at everything they do!

6. You’re out of debt. For a lot of people, moving home is a great way to pay off their debts, be it student loans, credit cards or a car loan. Moving back in with your parents is a very easy way to save money on housing and bills and instead put it all toward getting on the other side of your debts. If you have paid off your debts in a big way, it’s time to try the next challenge – if you’re financially ready.

7. You know it’s time. We all reach a point in our lives where we get really comfortable and start looking for the next terrifying thing to sink our teeth into. Change is scary and absolutely vital to our lives. When you’re ready to move out, do it. Do something even scarier, live alone!

So, goodbye home cooked meals, hello ramen – this girl is moving out! 🙂

Have you taken the leap recently and moved out of your parents’ house? How’d it go?


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