8 Money Saving Decorating Tips!

Guide_to_DecorEveryone wants to make their apartment or house into the coziest and prettiest possible, I mean that’s everyone’s dream right? No, just mine? Fine! But I like to think that everyone wants to live in a place that is equal parts comfortable, personality and clean… some of us are better at this than others.

Getting to the point when you apartment or house is fully furnished can seem like eons away when you have a tight budget, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few tricks to decorate your place so it sparkles with personality and looks like it wasn’t just thrown together!

1. Say yes to hand-me-downs! If a family member or friend is offering you a piece of their old furniture and it can be DIY-d or slipcovered or miraculously can be used as-is, take it! What do you have to lose by taking an old piece of furniture? I just suggest you keep in mind the size and weight of old furniture, that shit was built to last and like my father says, “If you’re living in an apartment, your furniture should be apartment sized furniture, not house sized furniture.”

2. Open a can of… paint, not whoop ass. If your landlord allows it, sometimes a coat of paint can completely jazz up a room in a way that expensive paintings or rugs or other things couldn’t. It’s just like when you’re putting on your make up, sometimes you just need a bold lip wall.

3. Ikea is your bestie. Before you start knocking Ikea, which seems to be everyone favorite hobby, it’s a great place to get fundamental furniture pieces for real cheap. You don’t have to be a starving college student to shop there, there is no age limit to Ikea. Just keep in mind your budget while wandering through that store… it’s easy to purchase things you don’t need.

4. Two purposes or none at all. If you’re debating purchasing something, make sure it can be used at least two different ways in your space. If it only serves one purpose, it has to be pretty important (like a TV stand or a dining table).

5. Throw stuff around! Sometimes you can completely transform a chair or couch with a few throw pillows! You can order throw pillows for relatively cheap at society6, these are a great way to modernize your living space with some fun graphics.

6. Van Gogh yourself, but don’t cut off your ear. Grab a canvas at your local craft store and DIY your own art! Abstract art is so in right now, so just go crazy! Don’t want to splurge on a canvas? That’s okay! You can find super cheap art at your local thrift store that you can paint over! It’s like the new hip way of recording over someone’s VHS tape.

Potted_Plant7. Greenery can save some greenbacks. Looking to spruce up a table or cabinet or dresser? A nice potted plant can really change a room, and usually keeps your budget happy! You can find relatively cheap plants at your local home improvement store or from a farmer’s market. Shopping at a florist can add up, so find something that’s potted. Just don’t forget to water it!

8. Always be thinking about storage! If this is your first time furnishing a place, keep in mind how much stuff you actually have. Everything needs to have a place or else your home will constantly feel cluttered. Keep in mind pieces that can serve as storage and something else (see: #4).

What is your favorite way to cut costs while decorating?


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  1. shanmreed says:

    Thanks for sharing this – after seeing your chairs the other night it made me want to decorate! Super helpful =) you need to do a post when you move in to show everyone the cool stuff you refurbished and bought!

  2. Great ideas! Check out our interior design blog, and let us know what you think! We like to keep followers updated on our past & present projects and to talk about the industry in general. Also, feel free to visit our website http://www.childsdreyfus.com

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