A Super Girly Living Room

The last time I showed you guys part of my apartment I used photos that I took around midnight, because I was so excited to share it I couldn’t wait for the sun! But the harsh lighting made it hard to really show you guys every aspect… So, to celebrate officially living on my own for ONE MONTH… I decided to take some more photos of my living room and link you guys to the items (I know, it’s exactly what you were waiting for 🙂 )!

If you’re anything like me, you comb through photos of people’s apartments and fall in love with something and want it for yourself. WELL NOW YOU CAN. If I can’t find an item, I’ll try and find you a link to something similar (if possible). There are a few one-of-a-kind items, but for those I can show you how to DIY your own version, because DI-Why-Not?

So, without further adieu, here is my living room in nice afternoon light…

EntryDespite being in my living room, I consider this my “entry.” My entry hallway is too narrow to put a lamp and a small table/catch-all so it’s around the corner in my living room. This is where I throw my purse at the end of the day and I set my keys on the table so I won’t lose them (this works half of the time). I think it’s great to have a space for your purse, keys and sunglasses, I also think it’s a great idea to have a small lamp on a timer in your place.
Similar Table | Skinny Lamp was from Kirkland’s | Mirror
Painting is an original from Rome.

Chair_BuiltInsI have these fabulous built-ins and extra storage underneath for hiding seasonal items (like that pesky Christmas tree and twinkle lights). I wanted to somewhat block the bottom doors to my storage area because I live alone and it freaked me out and also because the doors don’t stay shut unless something is against them, hence the chair’s placement. The spray painted milk jug is one of my favorite pieces, it just goes to show – everything looks better in metallic spray paint. 🙂
Nesting Tables | Similar Chair | Blanket
Floor Lamp & Shade | Dairy Jug

Couch_OttomanThis armless sofa used to be a piece in a very large sectional that originally belonged to my parents. Pro Tip: Because it’s armless you can’t tell it was a sectional piece! My kind mother sewed me a lovely natural canvas slipcover because she’s awesome and understood that a burnt orange sofa would not fit in with my decor. Funny story, that tray was a $1 Goodwill find that I painted with chalk paint (definitely scour Goodwill or Etsy before shelling out big bucks on one from a box store)!
Similar Sofa | Ottoman | Similar Tray

Gallery_WallI always knew that I wanted an awesome gallery wall to showcase my personality in my apartment and I’m in love with how this turned out! Special shout out to my mother who made the sick painting on the left, it really tied the whole thing together! I think it’s important to have a mixture of fun prints and photos to really balance everything, speaking of balancing items out mixing shapes adds some feminine flair since rectangles and squares can come off very masculine. Additionally, you could basically buy anything from Evelyn Henson and it would look amazing in a girly apartment!
Hip-Hop Square Prints: Left & Right | Similar Deer Head | Oval Frame (I spray painted it)
Similar Mirror | White Rectangle Frame | Pink Frame
More Mimosas Please Print | Similar Bottles Print

Couch_CartI. Love. Pillows. If it was possible to fill my apartment to the brim in throw pillows, I would. But alas, it is not socially acceptable to only have throw pillows in your apartment, so I limited myself to just 7 on my couch. There are a lot more throw pillows thrown about my apartment, but only 7 on my tiny couch. I also love using this bar cart as an end table and not as an actual bar cart (I’m terrified of people spilling red wine on my pale pink wool rug… so no wine will EVER be stored in this room!).
Ohio Pillow | Similar Peony Pillow | Moroccan Print | Flamingo Pillow (hidden)

Bar_CartHere’s a close-up on that bar cart. I really wanted to find a vintage bar cart for my apartment, but I didn’t have a $1k budget to buy the one I wanted, so I settled for this one. It’s from Target… which is the POLAR OPPOSITE OF VINTAGE. Ugh, I am still so mad at myself for getting a bar cart from a box store, but I couldn’t pass up the deal. The cart is originally $129, but a lovely Target employee rang it up in their system for $29 and I can’t walk away from a free Benjamin! So I picked this up for next to nothing and I’m using it as an end table. On a good day, there’s flowers in that pitcher from the Farmer’s Market, but I usually kill them off quickly… I do NOT have a green thumb.
Target Bar Cart (not $29 – sorry!)

Pink_Chairs_TableAnother one of my favorite parts of my living room is my table and chair set! All of this furniture was DIY’d, which took me forever but I’m so glad my mom took the time to teach me how to do it!It’s amazing what a few coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can do! Let me know if you would love a DIY post on how to take your great-great-grandmother’s dinning chairs and make them look like they were custom made for your space!

What item is a “must have” in your living room?


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  1. Taylor Ross says:

    this is all the girly goals! I love the space you created(:

    1. You’re so sweet, thank you!

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