In the blink of a… light

Life moves really fast. Some say it moves at the speed of a blink of an eye. For me, the month of March moved at the speed of, let’s say a light moving from yellow to red.

Up until March 8, my trusted mode of transportation was a silver 2014 Ford Escape. This was my adult car. It was the very, first thing I (me, all by myself) purchased when I paid off my student loans and I sobbed in the dealership because I went to “look at cars,” I didn’t think that meant I would purchase something (oh how naive 22-year-old me was).

So I bawled in the dealer, but I never regretted my purchase. Not even when I had to spend an arm and a leg each month on that car payment. I loved everything about that car. I loved it’s sunroof. I loved it’s back-up camera. I loved it’s spacious seats. I loved that I could pack it up. I hated that because I had a small-sized SUV I helped multiple friends move due to my car. That car drove with me for 1.5 hours a day to and from my old job. And then I got a new job and I didn’t drive to work anymore.

But it just made me love my car even more when I drove it on the weekends or at night to the gym where I got super swoll. And then I moved downtown and didn’t need a car at all because I walk everywhere (to work, to the grocery store, etc.). But because this is Cleveland, you can’t actually go car-less so I still had my car and I still loved it just the same. Once you move to downtown Cleveland the thought of getting your car out of the garage and driving to a grocery store out of the city is exhausting. But alas, I try to do it once a week or every other week so I can meal prep or forget to meal prep and then throw away all that food and money.

(Side note: Can we all try and be better meal preppers this year? How do those people meal prep every week, week after week? I am extremely envious of them and their extremely put together lives. As I’m writing this I’m eating an Uncrustable that I consider a meal.)

I got my Ford Escape June 21, 2014. And it met its fateful end 991 days later that March 8 morning.

Luckily, I did not meet my end, so my car did it’s job. But it’s crazy how your life does flash before your eyes as you’re spinning in an intersection and then you end up coming to a stop facing the wrong-way on a one way road. My car was totaled. I on the other hand was not, just a few bruises and scratches from who knows what. I then got to start the fun protocol of dealing with insurance and totaling a car in a city that you don’t live in and getting a new car. For the record, it takes around 2.5 weeks (at least with a reputable and nice insurance company). And then you still have to purchase another car!

So back to the dealers I went, this time older… wiser… able to negotiate harder… and I was not going to cry (at least this is what I told myself over and over again). But, you know what? I was right! I did not cry.

I ended up getting a 2015 Mazda CX-5 in cherry red. I’ve never had such a vibrant car before in my life, I think it means I’m going to have to watch my speed. But here’s to new cars in 2017, and here’s to staying safe on the roads – you might just want to avoid me.


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