Rosy Basic B

The weather is finally getting warm, which means that Patio Season is right around the corner! And when the weather warms up the short shorts and cute, flowy summer dresses are seen a plenty on the streets worn by all the basic betches. I mean if you don’t celebrate the start of the warm weather with a skimpy little dress or your coolest pair of jorts – are you even celebrating properly?

The answer to that question is no of course my loves! And if you’re celebrating the way a Basic Betch would you need to so in style. The Rosy Basic B is named after the sun-kissed cheek glow you will undoubtedly get from sitting on one too many patios in the next few weeks.

Gin – preferably one with piney or citrus notes (think Bombay or Beefeater)
Sparkling Rosé – whichever brand you prefer, it just needs to be a rosé.
Lime, juiced

In a shaker over ice, add 1 oz. of gin, 1 lime juiced and 3 shots of Rosé (or 4.5 oz. if you’re not using my preferred measuring guide aka a shot glass) – gently swirl.

Pour into champagne flute and sip away, you Basic Betch. (serves 1, because a true basic b is comfortable making a classy cocktail for just herself and her RBF.)


Drunch Bloody

Every great weekend deserves an even better drunk brunch. It’s really the only way to measure if you had a great weekend or not, and no brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary or two… So, without further adieu I bring you an easy and full-proof Drunch Bloody!

Vodka of your choice
Bloody Mix (Zing Zang is the best IMHO and you should always strive to live life on the spicey side)
Worcestershire Sauce
Celery Salt
Garnish with a least a celery stalk, at most a cheeseburger (hey, I’ve seen it!)

In a glass with ice add 4 parts bloody mix to 1 part vodka, then add:

  • 2 good shakes of worcestershire
  • ½ tsp. Horseradish
  • 2 shakes of tabasco

Stir. Sprinkle with celery salt and garnish to taste. 🙂